Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sky Doll signing and exhibition ...

* A lot of news and many great things incoming!

First of all, from 11th to 12th September I will be at the ComicCon in Montreal to sign SKY DOLL.
I'm so glad I've been invited to Canada, because I wanted to visit this beautiful country and Quebec for some years now ! ^_-
I will be with some other European artists, but most of all I will be accompanied by another author of the Métamorphose Collection: Guillaume Bianco.
I just read the invitee's list and... you will find the great Tim Sale and other cinema actors I love such as the great Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) and Data (Brent Spiner) from "STAR TREK " série!

I can't believe my eyes! I will take a lot of pictures, that's for sure!

But it's not all: the gallery which invited me to this festival, "La Gallery", to celebrate my série with Alessandro Barbucci , for more than 2 months has organized a beautiful expo "Hommages a SKY DOLL", to which hundreds of artist took part!
The participation was open to everyone !
And I must admit nobody expected such a great success.
We decided, then, to select a number of works for the official expo.
The vernissage was done a couple of days ago, but we will have another one on September 13th !

------ Come everybody then to have your SKY DOLL signed and visit the expo. -----

*Sky Doll©Barbucci/Canepa/Lilidoll

* And to finish with, a magnificent series of illustrations by authors you more or less know already, as we have worked together quite often...

A wonderful aquarian by Lilidoll (Marion Girerd)
The original in pencil has been bought well before the vernissage! Congratulations, Marion!

Sky Doll©Barbucci/Canepa/Almanza

* A beautiful "Agape" in "ECO style" by Jeremie Almanza
Here too, few exemplaries are available.

----- For those interested, write to: -----

Sky Doll©Barbucci/Canepa/Nenent

*And in the end, an incredible "Noa" by Nenent.
An artist who joined the Métamorphose Collection only recently, with an incredible project.
A series of 3 books for young readers.
But I'll soon talk about this. And I know you're very curious, on his blog there are two sneak previews already!

Looking forward to meeting you all in Canada, then!

* For those who are going to be there, I give you my ComicCon timetable :

Saturday : from 2:00pm to 4:00pm + from 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Sunday : from 2:00pm to 5:00pm

* But watch this space: next November there is going to be a big surprise for the SKY DOLL fans! Better, two surprises!
- A new book, made of 232 pages entitled "SKY DOLL DECADE 00>10" !
- And a beautiful expo on the
November 13th in Paris - St Germain, which is helping the undersigned me with a new Gallery, opening with this event.
But... I don't want to disclose more!

------See you all very soon, then!------


Hide ò.ó said...

i want to be in Montreal but i live in the corner of world XD, good luck in all your projects :3

cyrille said...

Quel beau planning ! ^^
Je ne sais pas encore si je pourrai venir le 13 novembre, mais j'aimerais bien voir ce que vous nous préparez... ;)

Mirella said...

sono bellissimi Barbara!!! mi piace soprattutto la Agape in "Echo style"!

Maude said...

J'aimerais tellement pouvoir venir voire l'hommage à Sky Doll... Mais je ne vais pas me plaindre au moins je vais être à la comi-con et peut importe ce que je devrais faire pour l'avoir je vais faire signer mon Sky-doll ^^.

A demain la comi-con (bonjour le 6h d'autobus qui m'attend pour y être :P)

Labête said...

MOI JE VIENS tantot je vais hurler<3

Rozenn Bothuon said...

C'est juste trop la classe ! Magnifique... J'ai hâte que commence l'expo à paris ¨v¨

William said...

Merci pour votre dédicace au Comicon Montréal. Un vrai marathon : j'ai eu l'honneur d'avoir votre dernier dessin avant la fermeture, le dimanche 12 septembre. ^^

Va falloir vous reposer, car vous sembliez épuisée. :p


gran-a said...

lindac oscuridad!

La Cice said...

Complimenti vivissimi per i lavori.
Avendo frequentato la scuola del fumetto, SkyDoll è stato uno dei lavori "consigliati" da prendere a modello per studi ecc ecc.

Buona fortuna per tutto ^^

Dario Rigon said...

non mi piace skydoll. Ma tu con i colori sei bravissima non ce che dire..

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It is interesting, I will go back to read themLooking nice! I wish I could attend the fair to see them in person :) again.

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maud said...

Waow superbe !!! ça donne envie !

Mirka Andolfo said...

Accidenti, è da tanto che non passo su questo blog! Mi sono persa un sacco di cose! Questi disegni sono splendidi, uno migliore dell'altro! :)!!!!

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